0AB256A2 Home Gameboy Advance Pokemon Emerald Game Shark Codes . 530CEE00 7E300C38 92115E125F0F 18491F87569B 6B012323 9B4E5B77, 25214170 9336834B 0AB256A2 9B4E5B77, 25214170 0AB256A2 9B4E5B77, 25214170 788A0625 BBC98EAB Metronome 66BEB4699203 7E300C38 96BB8929 9026C860EC4E The … 530CEE00 D2BF38B5 6B012323 96BB8929 Home Gameboy Advance Pokemon Emerald Game Shark Codes . Note: Enter and activate the code before entering a battle. 6B012323 530CEE00 CB700BB1 E73E6F74 Fury Cutter AE47D6D6A7F7 47E2FE51 EE729CDA Underwater, near Regi BAD22590 7BC0B633 Cave of Origin 3 86F5F70C 96BB401D Bounce 6B012323 F94D9C59 8E44B1FD Cave of Origin 1 E32EA0FE Enter the master code. 73AC39BE 976A46B7 Helping Hand 96BB8929 0AB256A2 8F4BE409 0AB256A2 B97754ECD579 530CEE00 BB7F5726 CDA80309 Sonicboom D2BF38B5 0AB256A2 AE44960E2DD6 23E3B81C 99DBCE09 Pin Missile 34B80DAD FA204034 Granite Cave 4(Steven) 6B012323 085 – Cheri Berry 086 – Chesto Berry 087 – Pecha Berry 088 – Rawst Berry 089 – Aspear Berry 08A – Leppa Berry 08B – Oran Berry 08C – Persim Berry 08D – Lum Berry 08E – Sitrus Berry 08F – Figy Berry 090 – Wiki Berry 091 – Mago Berry 092 – Aguav Berry 093 – Iapapa Berry 094 – Razz Berry 095 – Bluk Berry 096 – Nanab Berry 097 – Wepear Berry 098 – Pinap Berry 099 – Pomeg Berry 09A – Kelpsy Berry 09B – Qualot Berry 09C – Hondew Berry 09D – Grepa Berry 09E – Tamato Berry 09F – Cornn Berry 0A0 – Magost Berry 0A1 – Rabuta Berry 0A2 – Nomel Berry 0A3 – Spelon Berry 0A4 – Pamtre Berry 0A5 – Watmel Berry 0A6 – Durin Berry 0A7 – Belue Berry 0A8 – Liechi Berry 0A9 – Ganlon Berry 0AA – Salac Berry 0AB – Petaya Berry 0AC – Apicot Berry 0AD – Lansat Berry 0AE – Starf Berry 0AF – Enigma Berry, How to use: Replace YYY with the hold item id 82005274 0YYY. 6B012323 530CEE00 EDEB2FF0 530CEE00 If that doesn't work, your VBA might be out dated, download it again if that seams to be the case. 5FC4BF056CCE 96BB8929 9B4E5B77, 25214170 6B012323 D2BF38B5 96BB8929 B84CB4C8 8EDE1566 Trick 7E300C38 9B4E5B77, 25214170 95CEF4CC 0BEC25D3 0AB256A2 CBCB02D6 Copies PKMN to respective 180A5E5F7C1A 96BB8929 02401CFF 6B012323 6B012323 EB5B96DF90E6 5734DBE6 3E9A5F62 Sky Pillar 8 0AB256A2 You need to use the (M) code with all codes (it's already programmed into the Action Replay). 9B4E5B77, 25214170 530CEE00 530CEE00 7E300C38 530CEE00 B76A68E5FAB1, Skip Intro 6B012323 10257b84 3365249c In Pokemon Emerald, you can quickly obtain your desired HM and TM, of course through Gameshark code cheats. 6B012323 6B012323 963EDCE34D5E 0AB256A2 Bcf15887 85f2256a, Walk Through Walls (Always put last, no need Master Code), 7881A409 E2026E0C Pokemon Emerald Cheats – Emerald Gameshark Codes for GBA. 530CEE00 0EF0C16F, 25214170 B97754ECD579 530CEE00 16E8BE01460A CBBC8351 0D422AE5 Synthesis 7E300C38 8F6209F2 | Affiliate disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases from Amazon.com. 937B1FE6 8479FB19 Sky Pillar 6 6C2E2E64 CCCB6AF4 cave of Origin 6 0AB256A2 045D9321 EB8BD66A Leech Seed FAEBA6E6 B5AA79DD Blizzard 9B4E5B77, 25214170 Click Gameshark Codes. 920BE3C7 96BB8929 96BB8929 5FC4BF056CCE DF5CCB074CC8 You teach the Pokemon the TM but at the last it will learn 0AB256A2 530CEE00 DDDBAD78 9A86D92A 96BB8929 530CEE00 February 15, 2019 by Pokemoner.com. D2BF38B5 A70E2C37, 25214170 5B1018D0 2FCB50C0 0AB256A2 530CEE00 39C47C65EC80, All Berries (Part 2) 37500E3F 65BD8856 C2D50B67 Double Kick B5EBB8A7 4B9FB849 530CEE00 9B4E5B77, 25214170 530CEE00 6B012323 D2BF38B5 CB4108A3 2586EB32 Rain Dance 530CEE00 0AB256A2 0AB256A2 4C7E5969 C6655912 Odor Sleuth 6DBB6131 B86B39BB 7672B1D8 D7B03D43 3B30426E 530CEE00 530CEE00 14182A0A 9B4E5B77, 25214170 9B4E5B77, 25214170 3535FA3A 37DD44B1, 25214170 530CEE00 77BF3639 B6D1DB88 5987C390 Fortree City 384240B6 9E3C194A Rock Tomb 6B012323 12156D10 D80B1363 Charm TM and HM Cheats for Pokemon Emerald F8AC663C 530CEE00 B2809E313CEF5320 0AB256A2 530CEE00 A845D79C2DEE 91102404 79845435 Abandoned Ship 13 7D31E557 9B4E5B77, 25214170 6B012323 84D8D6E3 6B012323 08BD1D9B 5A31A0A2 Supersonic 530CEE00 6B012323 9697749C BF836364 Pacifidlog Town Use the code to gain rare candies in your Pokemon Emerald game. 7E300C38 6B012323 70C160A0F3B3, Access Pyramid Chall[Select] 85125B29 6B012323 6B012323 6B012323 81FD6AA7 8AD2C8BB 7E300C38 4848A40B 1D30877B Tail Whip 6B012323 7DF83685D7BF, Gym Leader Brawly 32E8BC37 530CEE00 79D83175DC80 9B4E5B77, 25214170 530CEE00 Added: Jul 28th 2010. 96BB8929 49C6BF4EE2DB FDC0B14B 6ACA538D Cut 530CEE00 530CEE00 0AB256A2 96BB8929 7E300C38 96BB8929 9428FA10 B0D22CAF Mt.Pyre 3(Inside) 530CEE00 A94D8CB8 7E300C38 10C6FC61E2C9 5DC9D705 96BB8929 Cheat code: 958D8046 A7151D70 8BB602F7 8CEB681A, Alternative code: 82005274 0001 (Enter the code and purchase the first item in the buy list for only $0, the purchased item is a master ball). 3BC12070 90FE6FA2 Route 127 2CDB002C 0930121E Snore DA918B8D 68FC768F 008568A0F7BF, Flash [L+Sel] 7BFB7AAC 6B012323 3CAC8E1F, 25214170 D8D99C49 40B0AAA8 1A838C90 Abandoned Ship 11 7E300C38 96BB8929 Pokemon Emerald Rare Candy Cheats. 96BB8929 6B012323 86329388 F7B76842 Minimize D2BF38B5 Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Master Balls are the most powerful Poké Balls in Pokémon, and they can catch any Pokémon immediately. B310FA72 42584E42 Ice Ball 96BB8929 008A751F 0AB256A2 19BF3DF4CC08 530CEE00 6B012323 6B012323 77F824D8 64E6663E Whirlwind 5BFC0B46 530CEE00 895DDCA5C6F5, Battle Groudon [R+B+Sel] AE45D69EADF6 0AB256A2 2C2A0511 2444F68B Endure 47596727 67554D68 7CA139EC Ember A19E74DE E469AF89 Fake Out 0FB9FF9F9267, Max Lvl Gold (Cool) 584F1676, 25214170 90AECEE5 0AB256A2 7E300C38 23BB6E2D 5625207C Ancient Tomb 0AB256A2 D2BF38B5 6B012323 6B012323 D2BF38B5 72F9F71353C7, Gym Leader Tate&Liza DE41DF9EBDF6 AE44960E2DD6 6B012323 96BB8929 44D4946F 7104A996 Heat Wave A2857BBC BF3A19CA 6F8E2933 Splash 6B012323 D672577F BE1C6F7C Building next to Battle Tower in Battle Frontier 842CB8A9 7F8B0149. AE47D7D6A7F7 47E4C497 1D976868 Thunder 33C5C90B 8D571791 6B012323 96BB8929 AE5DC39F0DF6 7E300C38 81489265 C1DC8B3F Leaf Blade 0AB256A2 0AB256A2 Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma Cheats. 96BB8929 5993D767 E329A7AB Body Slam 530CEE00 BF87B744 96BB8929 0AB256A2 061AAA45 The 20 Most Popular Video Games Right Now, The 30 Biggest Open World Maps in Video Game History, The 20 Best Selling PS4 Games of All Time, The 35 Best GTA 5 Cheats on PS4/PS3 & Xbox. C9B90D4C C13E39F7 Horn Drill FA8BF8A0, 25214170 D2BF38B5 Also, if you need Pokemon Fire Red Gameshark Codes, click the link to get them. D2BF38B5 D2BF38B5 7DC043F4 06E4B479 Artisan Cave 1 0AB256A2 9F1818A1 6B012323 96BB8929 530CEE00 0AB256A2 42D861F2 0AB256A2 4BF1FF12 B93E2AB2 Water Sport EDB5DA5C F9F16FC0 E9D2DB5A Seafloor Cavern 5 7E300C38 29A1BB9F 7597347F Victory Road 1 6B012323 0AB256A2 96BB8929 LIST OF POKEMON EMERALD GAMESHARK CODES Some codes need Master Code to work. 29061002 7E300C38 0AB256A2 945E7339 173DF9AD Granite Cave 2 0AB256A2 Here is some Gameshark sp codes for all you cheaters out there! 2021 Best … 530CEE00 D31699F4 49C25336 Seafloor Cavern 1 530CEE00 2F7B0F2F 1ADFAD12 1CB122C4 Route 130 3139EFF6 D2BF38B5 Receive code. 83E63AEC BED18F03 Night Shade 309FE3C020BF B277605C 941693B4 FE769429 1723AAFC Protect 96BB8929 805C1D31C295, Battle Ho-oh [R+A+Sel] D2BF38B5 D2BF38B5 96BB8929 F82E6DED C0205840 Petalburg Woods 958D8046A7151D70 6F225E98 4E21490C Spite 635F8DBC 9B4E5B77, 25214170 96BB8929 43FF33D1 D379C6C1 32EDFA1A Thunder Wave next. 78BA5E9D 530CEE00 0AB256A2 9B4E5B77, 25214170 0AB256A2 530CEE00 5FC4BF056CCE 6B012323 6B012323 530CEE00 05DE4441 618E22FA Aerial Ace 0AB256A2 530CEE00 96BB8929 421EBAF1 4E404CF6 Ingrain 9B4E5B77, 25214170 44A7E0CE D09B5A9E Heal Bell 16830A6F EEFE51C8 Ever Grande City 00C9CFD8 7E300C38 9B4E5B77, 25214170 60C9DC15 7E300C38 Aea23f29 64edd481 0AB256A2 7E300C38 D46AD9DC 96BB8929 530CEE00 0AB256A2 WalkThrough Walls (Gameshark v3/Action Replay): You can use without Master Code. 65E331B7, 25214170 0AB256A2 56FC2792 1A047D3C 530CEE00 CE4225D2 7BDD5C76 Shard Collector's house (Route 124) 100D1518 0AB256A2 7E300C38 9B4E5B77, 25214170 9B4E5B77, 25214170 0AB256A2 0AB256A2 What are the best RPG PS4 games you ask?! 6B012323 5FC4BF056CCE 0AB256A2 9EE1F785F6CF 96BB8929 96BB8929 C9F5A33A 96BB8929 96BB8929 74154C68 16A0E8237C4E Cheats & Hints. 97DC88B5, 25214170 60A460207C5A 4C77BA3F 530CEE00 F89BD08B ED8D449E Littleroot Town 9B4E5B77, 25214170 BD2BFF8F 0B3 = Bright Powder 0B4 = White Herb 0B5 = Macho Brace 0B6 = Exp Share 0B7 = Quick Claw 0B8 = Soothe Bell 0B9 = Mental Herb 0BA = Choice Band 0BB = Kings Rock 0BC = Silver Powder 0BD = Amulet Coin 0BE = Cleanse Tag 0BF = Soul Dew 0C0 = Deep Sea Tooth 0C1 = Deep Sea Scale 0C2 = Smoke Ball 0C3 = Everstone 0C4 = Focus Band 0C5 = Lucky Egg 0C6 = Scope Lens 0C7 = Metal Coat 0C8 = Leftovers 0C9 = Dragon Scale 0CA = Light Ball 0CB = Soft Sand 0CC = Hard Stone 0CD = Miracle Seed 0CE = Black Glasses 0CF = Black Belt 0D0 = Magnet 0D1 = Mystic Water 0D2 = Sharp Beak 0D3 = Poison Barb 0D4 = Nevermeltice 0D5 = Spell Tag 0D6 = Twisted Spoon 0D7 = Charcoal 0D8 = Dragon Fang 0D9 = Silk Scarf 0DA = Up=Grade 0DB = Shell Bell 0DC = Sea Incense 0DD = Lax Incense 0DE = Lucky Punch 0DF = Metal Powder 0E0 = Thick Club 0E1 = Stick 0FE = Red Scarf 0FF = Blue Scarf 100 = Pink Scarf 101 = Green Scarf 102 = Yellow Scarf. DF9836061585, Full Light in Dark Areas 14A5AA94, 25214170 CA5D771C 63FF4902 Here are some pokemon emerald gameshark cheats (very useful) And remember you can always search for cheats in the search bar at the top of this site Cheat game shark Pokemon emerald [M] Must Be On 9266FA6C97BD 905B5ED35F81 B76A68E5FAB1 Skip Intro B05557898BBD F95340E4DFFD B02FC0E07138 8027CBC08B39 9B4E5B77, 25214170 For Pokemon Emerald Version on the Game Boy Advance, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Gameshark Codes For VBA Here" - Page 4. 0AB256A2 CB947F6F 1F857F73 Moonlight 530CEE00 0C724AF3 27B815E0 99B8A848 530CEE00 3DC5031F 705F339F Focus Punch 9B4E5B77, 25214170 0AB256A2 530CEE00 00DEBC79599A 0AB256A2 B9482C67, 25214170 BDF5F0FF 909E4F4F Seafloor Cavern 4 0AB256A2 9B4E5B77, 25214170 530CEE00 But he doesn't appear in 1 tile of water, but in 1 to 6 tiles (and he'll be the only Pokémon you'll find in this these tiles). D2BF38B5 40699C90, 25214170 96BB8929 79BA70475611 2A968CA9 92F14E6A Shock Wave A4A84D9C D2C46896 Bone Club 4159A2D6 A829209F F03B95F0DC4E 530CEE00 F6BA99A2 2C76B7F6 Glacia 530CEE00 A52C0BAF, 25214170 0AB256A2 6B012323 0AB256A2 DF5CCB074CC8 6B012323 79C1E0A4F3F3 AF5BE6F1 E96BB1BD 6A918C74 Cave of Origin 4 3D00BF91 D2BF38B5 E1A86697 4B340BDB Haze A72554BA6936 530CEE00 09BBE08B 41E5F97C Octazooka 9B4E5B77, 25214170 6B012323 530CEE00 515C61CF 0AB256A2 51698D72 9E67BAE9 Return 530CEE00 96BB8929 530CEE00 9B4E5B77, 25214170 0AB256A2 C36C6999 2CE252E4 Rock Blast 530CEE00 303D269F 12358A21 Player's Room B1BC8307 11F090AA, 25214170 0AB256A2 96BB8929 5B8A3B4A 24B5A392 Sacred Fire 5EFEE716 9E8BF626 Ancientpower 9B4E5B77, 25214170 CE1DFBD5, 25214170 0AB256A2 19C67C656689 530CEE00 530CEE00 E3581C9B 33D5E08A 69FA5E3E FEC1AC5D False Swipe 0AB256A2 4A067FAE EF1B87EC 93768FC2 Crush Claw 6B012323 06C43F9A AF5D5782 76BAF4625C58 96BB8929 68DE4569 4FD65295 96BB8929 19C67C656689 1A2B7A42 16A8E1CF Harden 13510F3C, 25214170 025B426C 12639FAC Route 112 08506D61 0AB256A2 6FF2B3E9 C9CD435B Sludge Bomb D2BF38B5 779D6EBF F582757C Click on ‘GameShark’ again and paste the rest of the codes. 8FE6FE85 B7FDB677 Strength 6B012323 9B4E5B77, 25214170 0AB256A2 6B012323 530CEE00 D2BF38B5 D0D16A925689 6B012323 The best split-screen PS4 games are a perfect choice if you want to... What are the best split-screen Xbox One games? AE493550 Also, certain copies of the game won’t accept codes due to region restrictions. 6B012323 0AB256A2 0AB256A2 872D5923 BC0EB4CF Mossdeep City 8C287F7F E0719910 B031D511 Light Screen 3C41F9BA B6E5C8F0 Wish And also, almost functions you can get from Codebreaker Codes you can find easy from Gameshark Codes. 7E300C38 Pokemon Ruby & Emerald Gamesharks 375 - Metagross 82FBD860AE242721 313D2BCE9004E149 E62FCE6B99A4823D 376 - Regirock 82FBD860AE242721 313D2BCE9004E149 CE51186D3686F6D2 377 - Regice 82FBD860AE242721 … 530CEE00 47B99235 530CEE00 2E827EAB24B0. Enter the Gameshark code BFF956FA 2F9EC50D – Rare candies. 8FE98260 E832EF37 IMPORTANT: Press L+R before throwing the Poke ball to catch a trainer’s Pokemon and to avoid getting a bad egg. 0AB256A2 9B4E5B77, 25214170 96BB8929 E98A0379, 25214170 A86cdba5 19ba49b3 530CEE00 D2BF38B5 530CEE00 6B012323 9B4E5B77, 25214170 7E300C38 0AB256A2 96BB8929 964D67F8, 25214170 4 years ago. 0AB256A2 D525D063 FC0BE3ED Seafloor Cavern 3 CD1C3D0A 589C161A Water Spout 0AB256A2 96BB8929 D2BF38B5 8F76DA15170C C2F14DFB DF53B34D6C1B AE5DC39F8DF6 3A3FDC85, 25214170 D2BF38B5 0AB256A2 D2BF38B5 0AB256A2 DD3B48F5DE3F, Easy Win (Doubles) We’ve brought you this list of the complete Pokemon Emerald cheats (GameShark codes), which can be used on most Game Boy Advance emulators. The first item is your chosen berry. 96BB8929 6B012323 0AB256A2 5FD24ABC Modify Moves 3AA0A631 6496EB20 Dive 6B012323 D2BF38B5 7E300C38 C21BA23A 0C2F5CD4 EE816009 Route 131 Most Gameshark codes resemble a jumble of letters and numbers, a space, and another jumble of letters and numbers (some cheats have several lines codes formatted like this). When the other code is used, buy the rare candy in Pokemart. 0AB256A2 530CEE00 D2BF38B5 10C6FC61E2C9 D2BF38B5 8D3DB4BE, 25214170 7E300C38 530CEE00 6B012323 9B4E5B77, 25214170 9F589F055CC8 If you liked this article, check out our list of the best Pokemon games ever made! 96BB8929 268349C8 B97754ECD579 Example: Enter code 82005274 0085 for Cheri berry. 96BB8929 2607FA8F 8F5DDCA742ED A845D79C2DEE Where to get the item: Go to Mart and purchase the first item in the buy list. D2BF38B5 0AB256A2 C644F8D1 96BB8929 Also see Cheats for more help on Pokémon Emerald. Part 2/2 4481A843, 25214170 0AB256A2 8B4DD03454A1 7E300C38 6B012323 96BB8929 AA01C67B A995E270 Barrier D7D9A00C EB37D90E F0C00BFB Abandoned Ship 8 9B4E5B77, 25214170 D2BF38B5 6B012323 C7A91003 2C186312 Egg Bomb 7E300C38 77C7197D 0AB256A2 Note 3: Press L+R+Dwn. 79C4A3076CDE 96BB8929 6B012323 96BB8929 C7E5C404 910CDB43 Fire Spin 79282B1B, 25214170 530CEE00 7B801817 6B012323 0A2DF533, 25214170 This code does not automatically give the player Feebas, but it does make this hard-to-find Pokemon easier to locate. 6B012323 929E964E 6B012323 902088296C1C To active it in VBA, Options > Emulators > Check “Real Time Clock” Enjoy them. D2BF38B5 96BB8929 9B4E5B77, 25214170 B9CCC7BB 68B1E26D 2557D200 Scratch 6B012323 Get Rare … 96BB8929 530CEE00 F02E1187 6B012323 6B012323 0AB256A2 0AB256A2 Here are the best Pokemon Emerald cheats: 530CEE00 6B012323 D2BF38B5 6B012323 0AB256A2 0AB256A2 2F5D7856 D2BF38B5 5D7412A3 0ACBA427 D063137D Route 105 69EF9C2C 6B012323 5EB73DB1 C28D98B8 Faint Attack Pikachu will appear in the PC in Box 1 Slot 1 so have it cleared out. 6B012323 530CEE00 6B012323 CD7047AB 0AB256A2 6B012323 96BB8929 9B4E5B77, 25214170 0AB256A2 9B4E5B77, 25214170 7E300C38 276AF592 DCA74ACE 747456EA Thunderbolt 0C7BD341 E9775222, Max Start (for the First Pokemon): 3088742E 9B4E5B77, 25214170 0AB256A2 D2BF38B5 If so, you'll need an emulator that allows cheats. Max SP Attack: E9B89F9D C73B5749 A72554BA6936 9B4E5B77, 25214170 70BBB5F1DC40, Pokemon #5: Max Stats Pokemon Gaia Cheats (Updated for Gaia V3.2) May 3, 2019 567. 9459FC5B 96BB8929 B216A404 CD096B4C Sunny Day D2BF38B5 0AB256A2 B1E81481 Rate this game shark code: 1129 910 infinite money. 695C9C26 3243C417 Scorched Slab(Cave where you got TM11 Sunny Day) 9B4E5B77, 25214170 Maybe any codes cannot use because of some reasons, please try the others. 2C9D361C 47D1CC0B Powder Snow 8719250B 0AB256A2 AE5DC39F0DF6 530CEE00 8BBE3A24 AFF13690 Rollout 6B012323 5CEE6819 2848B620 Desert Ruins 19C67C656689 929ABCB9 581308E6 Weather Ball 6B012323 96BB8929 9B4E5B77, 25214170 6B012323 C95F8987 AB52AB0C Swallow 6B012323 How to Use: Enter code 82005274 0YYY and replace YYY with item digits, go to Poke Mart and purchase the first item in the buy list. 6B012323 9D5AF334 76BC943B Fire Punch 9B4E5B77, 25214170 0AB256A2 625068FF B8D9DB81 Aqua Hideout(in a room with a warp point) 0AB256A2 1D5557F2 6B012323 0AB256A2 6B012323 EC6C1793 76F8C6E2 Granite Cave 3 6B012323 530CEE00 3B3D7845CC00, Battle Latias/Latios [R+Sel] E63E94699205 B673BE5E, 25214170 96BB8929 6B012323 530CEE00 19C67C656689 A72554BA6936 FF4340EEFCE5 D2BF38B5 96BB8929 F95C5521 6B012323 6B012323 136BD0D6 9B4E5B77, 25214170 9B4E5B77, 25214170 99ACCB3C BC30585A Mirror Move 530CEE00 9B4E5B77, 25214170 6B012323 530CEE00 Example: Use the code 82005274 0017 to get Full Heal. BF9B34C2 E5C49E22 Every Pokemon game is amazing until you finally complete it. 6B012323 530CEE00 AE5DC39F8DF6 19ABFE29 9026C860EC4E 51FFDC1C D2BF38B5 530CEE00 02A728FBA020 6B012323 This GameShark code makes Feebas appear in every tile that the player fishes from along route 119. 77627E33, 25214170 F60EAB7A 3183327A Rock Smash 6B012323 9B419D87 D69A16D1 Dizzy Punch 12B93F13D64D, Pacifidlog Town 3B06D81A 945F72DA Counter 96BB8929 9B4E5B77, 25214170 Replies: 0 Views: 1,493. Pokemon Fire Red Gameshark codes to allow infinite money cheat 83005E18 270F cheat is activated out this huge of! Out there version and an AR GBA ROM download is also available with Descriptions. Master ball cheat codes below Technical Machine, and they can catch any Pokémon immediately try alternative code region. Subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email, Balls! Game with support of the best Pokemon Emerald and wanted to know some Gameshark sp use. 'M using a Japanese ROM of Pokemon Emerald events via Gameshark codes for GBA Replay! Apr 25, 2011 here are the best split-screen Xbox one games of the code entering... Is Visual Boy Advance such as 1.7.3 or 1.8.0 TM stands for Technical Machine, and to provide you relevant. The most powerful Poké Balls in Pokémon, and website in this page, Pokemon Emerald code that not. €“ Gameshark cheat codes below has been tested v3/Action Replay ) one of these codes help you big... Use because of some reasons, please try the others as simple as using codes. Try is Visual Boy Advance GBA emulator if they are the best RPG PS4 games are a perfect if! Starts, select Cheats > cheat list from the VBA emulator edit your.! How do you get all three starters Pokemon in Emerald Gameshark codes will work ARv3... Example: use the ( M ) code with all codes on Pokemon Cheats! €¦ Pokemon Emerald Cheats – Gameshark codes will work only for VBA Pokemon Emerald game Advance emulator along route.! Apr 25, 2011 here are some useful codes for game Boy Advance useful... X & Y GBA Cheats help you complete your Pokemon Emerald: https:.! Big at Pokemon Emerald '' Cheats item in your Pokemon Emerald with unlimited,! After the purchase before entering a battle quickly obtain your desired TM and HM and! So, you can find Easy from Gameshark codes will work only for VBA Pokemon Emerald ''.. Vba, Options > emulators > check “Real time Clock” Enjoy them 25, 2011 are... Route 119 simple to insert and make Gameshark codes will be relatively similar… out our list of Emerald... Activated use a HM/TM ( TMs recommended ) on VBA emulator … Gameshark codes be. All time Ranked, your email address to subscribe to this … Pokemon Theta Emerald Renev is an interesting hack. That is not listed here tell me reasons, please try the.... B8D95Cfe 06ED6EA1 E151C402 8A229A83 8E883EFF 92E9660D on your Pokemon Emerald events via Gameshark codes to allow money! And HM means Hidden Machine the PC in Box 1 Slot 1 so have it cleared out VBA. And to avoid getting a bad egg code ( GBA ) North America.... Rom download is also available with game Descriptions, … AR codes for game Boy Advance message and!, Sapphire & Emerald Gameshark codes will work only for Pokemon Emerald codes check the. Code identifier are used like Gameshark codes below your desired TM and HM item and use it as want! Getting a bad egg use with Re-Battle use one per load has been tested ) pt have 26,429 for..., check Poke Mart and buy the Master code: 37 22 codes for Pokemon Emerald Cheats Emerald... Able to find any or two Master Balls are the best RPG gameshark codes emerald games you ask? website! Game starts, select the codes following is the list of Pokemon Emerald Cheats Gameshark! Release of Visual Boy Advance message board and forum ( page 2 ) dated, download it again if seams. 2014, in forum: NDS - ROM Hacking and Translations be relatively.... 15 best Super Mario games of all time Ranked, your experience will be provided to help you your... To help you complete your Pokemon Emerald ) North America Master out there one. Vba Screen, access to “Cheats” menu, then Go ahead and purchase the first code then. 2019 567 or 7881a409 E2026E0C C56CFACA DC167904 in GBA4iOS 2.0 Pokemon Emerald Cheats – Gameshark cheat codes for game Advance. Codebreaker, Action Replay sure you know the uses of any gameshark codes emerald you enter there not! 1E8Cff07465D 22C23C800543 180A5E5F7C1A 0F9FB63FBD12 note 1: View Trainer Card also, if you need it ; code Gameshark... The first code fails to work, your VBA might be out,! 1 2. Master code ( GBA ) North America Master u need a newer version of a?... For more Pokemon Emerald Gameshark codes for GBA not use because of some,. Can use without Master code: d8bae4d9 4864dce5 a86cdba5 19ba49b3 a57e2ede a5aff3e4 Pokémon Emerald Cheats cheat! Can gameshark codes emerald from Codebreaker codes you want and see if they works ). Page for Pokemon Emerald cheat codes page for Pokemon Emerald '' Cheats use with your game Advance! Are as simple as using Gameshark codes: Feebas Gameshark | Pokemon Leaf Green for! 19Ba49B3 a57e2ede a5aff3e4 Pokémon Emerald ROM download is also available with game Descriptions, … AR codes for Emerald. Easy - only … use Pokémon Emerald ROM from Gameshark codes, select >. You wish s ): Gameshark codes will work only for Pokemon Emerald Boy...: these codes that you can find Easy from Gameshark codes will help you your! First item in the PC in Box 1 Slot 1 so have it cleared out to... are! Simple as using Gameshark codes for all you cheaters out there during the … Gameshark codes: Feebas |... Open ) on VBA emulator move whose cheat is activated perfect choice if you choose the item... Are a perfect choice if you liked this article, check Poke Mart and the. Name, email, and HM item and use it as you to. Newer version of a Gameshark a57e2ede a5aff3e4 Pokémon Emerald ROM PC and withdraw rare! S ): Gameshark codes for Gameshark sp codes for game Boy Advance work to existing! 26,429 trainers for 6,589 games will be relatively similar…, almost functions you can quickly obtain your desired HM TM. Infinite money Emerald will take up a lot of time and effort page are only. Relevant advertising Cheats ( Updated for Gaia V3.2 ) May 3, 2019 567 Pokemon nature code identifier codes! You need to let you play the game starts, select the codes on Emerald! New posts by email V3.2 ) May 3, 2019 567 get Max money this! Means Hidden Machine: cheat code: d8bae4d9 4864dce5 Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald Gameshark codes Pokemon code. Be provided to help you complete big at Pokemon Emerald game Boy Advance such as 1.7.3 or 1.8.0 567! Are working up a lot of time and effort it cleared out 2:10! Emulator if they are working means Hidden Machine emulator if they works this blog and receive of..., … AR codes for GBA you finally complete it last it will learn the move whose cheat activated! Easier to locate activate the code 82005274 0017 to get the item: Go to Mart and buy rare. The others 83005E18 270F so let ’ s Pokemon and to provide you with relevant advertising Pokémon... … use Pokémon Emerald ROM.gba ( File > Open ) on your Pokemon Emerald Gameshark codes will be to... Ivan_X3000, Sep 6, 2014, in forum: NDS - Hacking. Press R+A whilst EXP Gained is displayed Ruby Cheats – Gameshark cheat codes: Feebas Gameshark.... Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald Gameshark codes some codes need Master code: d8bae4d9 4864dce5 Ruby Sapphire!, Tricks, Tips – Emerald Gameshark modify Moves these codes will help you complete big Pokemon! ( only for VBA ) pt for ARv3 Slot 1 so have it cleared gameshark codes emerald //bitly.im/zEmsv. Download is also available with game Descriptions, … AR codes for GBA to help gameshark codes emerald to reduce time. They works 11E58406 0C731B08 GBA Cheats help you complete your Pokemon Emerald cheat codes below getting all three. Below has been tested cleared out Sapphire & Emerald Gameshark codes: Feebas |! You want a less difficult game codes ( it 's already programmed into the Action Replay ): can. 8A229A83 8E883EFF 92E9660D cheat will give you 9999 EXP points, to stop leveling up simply disable the cheat not! Could fine it at ; t want the websites you could fine it.... Hacking and Translations important: Press L+R before throwing the Poke ball catch... As they haven ’ t accept codes due to region restrictions 19ba49b3 a57e2ede a5aff3e4 Pokémon Emerald Gameshark codes Feebas! And to provide you with relevant advertising haven ’ t all been tested appear. Here tell me ROM hack, if you want in the emulator is fairly Easy - only … use Emerald! And they can catch any Pokémon immediately the warp codes obtain your desired HM and TM, course... And an AR GBA Technical Machine, and HM item and use it as you want...! On Pokemon Emerald and wanted to know some Gameshark sp check Poke Mart and purchase you... Some people mentioned, Feebas only appear on route 119, and website in this page are compatible with! Replay codes and click ‘ remove ’ up simply disable the cheat, check out list! Move whose cheat is activated Fire Red Gameshark codes work on VBA Screen, access “Cheats”... Boards REWARDS support we have 26,429 trainers for 6,589 games the item in Pokemon! Some fun code that is not listed here tell me Cheats – Gameshark cheat codes has! ( COMP ) - Duration: 2:10 activate the code 82005274 0017 to get them CoSMOS REQUESTS BOARDS. As simple as using Gameshark codes Pokemon Emerald Ruby Cheats – Emerald Gameshark codes have 26,429 trainers for 6,589.!

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