The Alameda Creek Fisheries Restoration Workgroup is a multi-agency stakeholder group formed in 1999 to develop and implement a strategy to restore steelhead trout to Alameda Creek. Alameda Creek is considered a potential ‘anchor watershed’ for steelhead, regionally significant for restoration of the threatened trout to the entire Bay Area, although by the late 1950s the California Department of Fish and Game decided the steelhead run was no longer viable due to numerous man-made barriers to fish runs. Location. Biologists and volunteers capture steelhead trout in the Alameda Creek flood control channel in Fremont, Calif., on … He has been working on Alameda Creek steelhead restoration since 1988. The steelhead trout have pretty much vanished from Alameda Creek, so state officials decided it was time to ban fishing. Completion Date. Across the Bay from Pilarcitos, in the Alameda Creek watershed, SFPUC finds itself involved in another steelhead restoration discussion, centered around the utility’s Calaveras Dam near Sunol Regional Wilderness. Bobbie Armor Bobbie has been active in conservation with flyfishing groups including the Mission Peak Fly Anglers, and with the Trout In the Classroom program. The project is part of a long-term effort to restore steelhead to Alameda Creek. Ever since steelhead trout were first spotted in Alameda Creek nearly two decades ago, the District has been collaborating with agencies and organizations to enable fish to swim upstream and downstream to spawn and propagate. In the City of Fremont, along the north side of the Alameda Creek Flood Control Channel between Mission Boulevard and the Union Pacific Railroad Bridge. Pete holds a Professional Fisheries Certification with the American Fisheries Society. Steelhead are simply rainbow trout that manage to complete an ancestral journey back to the sea. Funding Alameda Creek, the largest local watershed in Alameda County and the Bay Area, once hosted big runs of steelhead and Chinook steelhead. “The steelhead have this dramatic, epic lifecycle,” said Jeff Miller, the director of the Alameda Creek Alliance, who was at the creekside. However, dams, … Rare steelhead trucked upstream on Alameda Creek. The reservoir created by the … Last year, for the first time in decades, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission began releasing water from a newly retrofitted dam, effectively reviving an important tributary stream. […] The Alameda Creek Alliance has an admittedly narrow aim: securing safe passage and spawning habitat for wild steelhead and salmon along Alameda Creek, the East Bay’s largest and longest waterway. Alameda Creek Fish Passage and Related Projects Creating a More Fish-Friendly Waterway In an effort to restore steelhead trout to Alameda Creek, ACWD and a number of Bay Area agencies have worked for more than a decade to make the creek a more fish-friendly waterway. March, 2008. Also in 2019, the Alameda County Flood Control District began construction of a… The Workgroup is composed of numerous community groups, local water management and flood control agencies, state and federal resource agencies, and others. The screen prevents juvenile steelhead trout from being carried into the diversion pipeline and adjacent groundwater recharge pond.

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