Ryder Services supply D30 and D40 hardwood timbers throughout the UK. For a full specification sheet please click here, Iroko is a very durable hardwood, it has excellent strength properties, compairing well with teak. Structural grading in oak is broken down in to two sizes with two qualities in each. Oak Beam Grading Service Our numerous sawmills cut to standard and custom sizes in Green English/European Oak (quercus robur).We can cut Structural Green Oak Beams to any size required and our on-site Graders will happily grade according to TRADA's THA (D40) or THB (D30) structural requirements amongst others for an additional charge. The colour varies from tan to biscuit, it is usually straight grained but irregular or cross grained material can occur. With our sawmill facilities we can cut hardwood timber and grade to suit your specific requirements. Our structural oak beams are typically air dried for 1-3 years making them perfect for both internal and external use. Oak is part of the Fagaceae family, it is also known by it's latin name of Quercus Robur and it originates from the UK and Europe. THB is the standard grade we get asked for most and is structurally rated at D30. Sections with a cross section above 20000mm2 (32" sq inches) (for example larger than 8"x4") can be graded THA or THB. Campaigns aimed at grading French oak have led to a correspondence between the methods used to appearance grade and strength grade beams with a thickness > 100 mm. QP1 Grading (Second highest quality) D30 and D24 are European grades. We pride ourselves in the quality grade of oak we can supply and even offer D30 and D40 grade to order as well. All the green oak is graded to D30 visual strength grade and all jointing is done with traditional mortice and tenon joints pegged together with oak tapered pegs. Oak is a very versatile timber, with many uses including, blocks, sleepers, wedges, boat building, beams, bogmats, garden furniture, joinery, furniture and flooring. For these applications our graders are able to visually strength grade the softwoods … Square Edge Character Oak stock is a different thing altogether.Here a more sophisticated, applied grade selection has been carried out and boards are stocked in packs of similar grade qualities. A larger amount of rot to the underside is allowable, a grade C sleeper will always have one good face and so can be used to edge driveways, stand portable buildings or containers on or a plethora of other uses. 4–1 Chapter 4Mechanical Properties of Wood David W. Green, Jerrold E. Winandy, and David E. Kretschmann Contents Orthotropic Nature of Wood 4–1 Elastic Properties 4–2 Modulus of Elasticity 4–2 Poisson’s Ratio 4–2 For a full specification Seasoned beams can For more information on the specification please see the link below: We have a wide variety of lengths and sizes of C16 and C24 timbers in stock, for more information on our graded timber contact our experienced sales team on 01683 221082 or alternatively email us on info@ryderservices.biz. So we are able to supply oak graded to TH1, TH2, THA & THB which covers D30-D60. As specialist oak sawmillers, Timberpride are BM Trada audited graders, we understand the importance of the correct grade and grading classification. Although an individual piece of Oak may be capable of achieving the strength required to qualify as a D70, D30 and D40 are the only grades that can legally be applied to an oak beam. This is because hardwoods are graded to give assurance of the minimum strength the piece can achieve, it does not tell how strong a piece is. European Oak D30/40 720kg 10100 N/mm² Durable Garapa D40 790kg 15880 N/mm² Durable Greenheart D70 1030kg 21000 N/mm² Very durable Ipe D60 1040kg 22760 … D30 is a common structural grade as is used as a minimum for all structural work. QP1 Grade Beams Qp1 grade beams have a minimum of 3 straight edges with tolerance of a small amount of wane to one edge, (normally all four are completely square) they will have very few knots, no redwood, insect damage or other detrimental characteristics. The only structural grades that can be applied to Oak are D40, D30 & Fail. Beech – D30 European Beech is a durable timber which has a straight grain, with a fine to medium uniform texture. © 2017 - 2020 Ryder Services. Subject to availability. All Rights Reserved. The appearance, orientation and size of knots and cracks, will determine the grade of the oak and these characteristics are not necessarily detrimental to the beams suitability for structural work. Being able to grade our own Green Oak means we can grade as we We have a large stock of graded timbers, which we can machine to suit your requirements. However, there are circumstances when higher quality grades of softwood, which do not normally come pre-graded, are required with a strength grade. Grade C A Grade C railway sleeper has all the characteristics of the above grades but can have more serious damage to most sides. Timber Grading Our in house timber grader is TRADA registered to BS5756. It's all on your phone, always at hand This wood takes waxing, liming, fuming and polishing treatments very well. Iroko Hardwood is commonly used for Joinery, Cladding, Decking, Boat Building, Piling, Marine work, Domestic Flooring, Furniture, Cabinetwork and many more. Shorea pauciflora King.S. Semi seasoned / weathered structural grade oak beams (moisture approx 20% – 60%). For a full specification sheet please click here. They can also either be D30 or D40 or fail, indicating the mechanical grade. Expect a larger amount of bigger knots and piths in the lower grades compared to the higher grades. The colour varies from tan to biscuit, it is usually straight grained but irregular or cross grained material can occur. Traditional Beams are one of the few suppliers holding large stocks of air dried structural oak beams in the UK. Its main uses include furniture, boat building, turned objects, flooring, stairs and cabinetry. It is equivalent to … Oak has a very good steam bending classification but is liable to blue stain if in contact with iron compounds. It has a relatively … Shorea paucifloraKing. The alternative Malaysian name for the wood of S. pauciflora is nemesu. As such, a structural grade can be assigned to an The table below provides laboratory values for several properties of wood that are associated with wood strength.