We've done shallow, 6" slow rivers with no problem. I do not see where stability is a big issue and it maneuvers nicely with the proper strokes. A savings of 200.00. Flotation built into the hull, canoe will float even when full with water. The one item I would like for an improvement is to lower the weight of the canoe. I love my old town, wouldn't trade it for the world. I grew up with canoes, and have never been without one so maybe experience is what they were lacking? It is not even really a canoe. Have had our Old Towne Guide 147 for about 3 years now. The boat is to heavy for me to carry so I drag it to the lake. All and all its a great boat for recreation and some hard core stuff. This seat is or has been used in Old Town's Guide 147, Guide 160, Discovery 158, Discovery 169, Discovery 174, Camper and Tripper canoes. Be the first to review this product. Be the first to review this product. I put an Old Town drop in seat just behind the carrying yoke and can paddle the boat easily. 0 in stock Add to cart The Guide 147 represents a breakthrough in design and construction that provides a durable, stiff and affordable canoe. Soon enough, you and it will become good friends knowing how to respond to the ever changing water. Pros: Tough, Affordable, Versatile The good part is that everything in the middle of the canoe stays dry as the water all runs to the front and back of the boat. I am an avid canoeist and operated over 20 different model canoe's over the past 15 years, anywhere from nice sleek plastic canoe's to the old honkin giant bent to crap aluminum boats. First of all, not only does the 147 look great, it is light enough to handle while dragging or loading on car. The kids like to play with it in the lake because it doesn't tip over, but it still feels tippy. Cons: I need to modify the seats a bit. All these problems are on me as I didn't try it out prior to purchase, (no one had one locally) but I have had other canoes (including an Old Town Disco 169) and a GREAT Stowe Allagash fiberglass model. Bottom line I guess....it was a cheap boat and the moral of the story is you get what you pay for, and, why would I think it would work as a solo boat anyway?! I own 2 Old Town Guide boats 14.7 and I love them. The company has spent over a century innovating—boat after cutting edge boat, all while staying true to their Northeast heritage and a long legacy of quality craftsmanship. Boat was only loaded with 375# including gear, evenly balanced along the length. We took it on a 4 day camping trip through the St. Regis area in NY. We bought it and my wife didn't want to use it. However, I've let various people use it and placing a third person amidships sitting on something high like an ice chest seems to be a recipe for disaster with this canoe. I did not notice any severe motion from the back seat and had plenty of leg room. Anyone wanna buy a new Guide 147? come on Class I's and II's. I'm putting together a spring canoe trip as we speak. Old Town's popular Guide 147 represents a breakthrough in design and construction that provides a durable, stiff and affordable canoe. I've had this canoe for about 2 years and I love the shallow draft and flexing hull because I mostly take it through marshes. At 14'7" this thing turns like garbage compared to a 16' wide bottom Coleman. Rather annoying! This canoe is a real tank. Benson My friend and I get it going what seems to me a good speed. I dragged the canoe across a lot in our neighbor hood to our little private lake. Qty . The canoe's name alone was a piece of mind "OLD TOWN GUIDE". water jug to add weight to the Bow of the Canoe, which works great. This canoe is hard to to tip. I have tried to fish from this canoe solo with little success. Overview Our popular Guide 147 represents a breakthrough in design and construction that provides a durable, stiff and affordable canoe. 0 in stock Add to cart The Guide 147 represents a breakthrough in design and construction that provides a durable, stiff and affordable canoe. At 72 pounds, it's quite a handfull by yourself. This is an excellent canoe, unless you are a complete wimp. Old Town Guide 147 Canoe Canoes . It’s included to contoured seat with adjustable backrest. Old Town is the world's oldest, largest and most revered manufacturer of canoes and kayaks. With its unique cross-section and stabilizing chines, the Guide 147 delivers exceptional stability, as well as rugged durability. A bit cramped but did not affect the stability of the craft. Did not find this boat to be tipsy at all, and fairly easy to maneuver. Great stability. I have used it mainly on lakes and lochs but also been on the sea and a few slow rivers. On my last outing in the Guide 147 we ended up having to deal with a decent chop and small white caps. Since the price is low I could replace it when the bottom goes. Old Town Guide canoes represent a breakthrough in design and construction that provides a durable, stiff and affordable canoe. For those purposes the Guide 147 has exceeded its purpose. now and we live on a river and use it often. We fixed this by removing the rack and just using the foam pads from a universal carrier kit and haven't had a problem since. Unfortunately, I had to downsize when I downsized my vehicle, so I purchased the Guide 147 based on past experience with Old Town canoes. It's constructed with a durable 3 layer polyethylene plastic and is surprisingly light at only 82 lbs...with the carry yolk...it's no problem to carry this canoe on your shoulders and make those portages through the woods to the next put in. $1,049.99 . It's a great little recreational canoe, yes it's heavy. She's only 5'3" so that is significant. I anticipate a lot of good trips in this craft. After a great deal of research we found that the Old Town Guide 147 seemed to be what we needed for the price we could afford. Do youself a favor and really ask why you're the market for a canoe; it's purpose, and your ability, nature and frequency of use. The canoe has held up great. So I finally got to the point where I could buy one and I recognized that Old Town was a good name when it came to canoes. I am happy to say the kids now say everyday,"can we please go canoeing dad"? !I take it out almost every weekend out on a lake not that far from my home. We love this boat, it does everything we want, and was cheap, only $435 from Bass Pro Shop. Very hard to find.Contoured bow and stern seatsAsh yokeBlack vinyl gunwalesCarrying handlesDurable three layer polyethylene New. This is a great all around canoe, but the one down side when going solo is it cannot handle much wind. But who cares? Taking it down the Green River in Kentucky in late June. Whether you’re fishing, sea kayaking, canoe tripping, or enjoying a relaxing paddle on the lake, there’s an Old Town watercraft for every type of adventurer. Old town Canoe Guide 147 $500.00 or best offer trailer not included . I chose this canoe, over a kayak, because my girlfriend at the time wanted to go fishing with me, so I needed a two seater. PROS: Price, Quality, Secondary Stability, Tracking, Durability. I am a science teacher in Port Townsend, Washington and this year we are doing Marine Biology right out on Puget Sound. The 16's weighed about the same as the 174 but seem to plow through the water better. Mind and Action 16 Foot Sturdy Tie Down Strap Lashing Strap with Rubber Padded Cam ... IKURAM Kayak/Surf/Ski Roof Carrier Rack of J-Style Folding Universal Field & Stream... 2 Pairs Heavy Duty Kayak Rack-Includes 4 Pcs Ratchet Tie-Mount on Car Roof Top Cros... TMS J-Bar Rack HD Kayak Carrier Canoe Boat Surf Ski Roof Top Mounted on Car SUV Cr... ALAVENTE Saddles Kayak Carrier Boat Surf Ski Roof Top Mounted on Car SUV Crossbar, ... TMS CART-CANOE/KAYAK-KY001 Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier Tote Trolley. Old Town Canoe Discovery 169 Canoe. And its sharp entry provides a surprisingly efficient paddling canoe. It has great stability and is even able to be used as a solo boat (although I wouldn't recommend that). The popular Guide 147 represents a breakthrough in design and construction that provides a durable, stiff and affordable canoe. I took my girlfriend out in it (not an outdoors person) and she had no problem with it and in fact she really enjoyed it. As far as handling characteristics, it's pretty much a pig when your by yourself in a high wind. My friend complained about the leg room up front and also the motion that he felt every time I would cast my fly rod. Also on a windy day the boat acts as a sail to a crosswind. First: The canoe is designed for two people to paddle, but put two adults in the canoe … I put cane yoke seats in the center of the canoes and my wife a I solo trip all the time. Add to Cart. We just purchased one from Academy and took it for its maiden voyage on a local lake. Comes in 3 Colors ... Our first Old Town canoe was built in Old Town, Maine, along the … Did 7 miles down the upper Allegheny River in Warren and Forest Counties, PA. Canoe did well and was very very stable. In fact, if you do tip this boat, you may want to consider a new hobby. Old Town Guide 147 canoe represents a breakthrough in design and construction that provides a durable, stiff and affordable canoe. It tracked better and carried a lot more gear, but the 147's not all that bad. Sure it handles like a barge in the wind but that is the trade off with the stability, thick material it is made from and low sides for easier paddling. Minuses to this canoe: 74 pounds could be a lot to handle for some people. Added 3/4 inch plywood to middle with cut out for five gallon, live bait bucket. My wife and I love to paddle, but have always rented canoes due to the cost of purchasing. It is extremely stable, and you can *really* beat this boat up and it can take everything the river can dish out! Have owned several canoes. Purchased the Guide 147 in April 2008 from Canadian Tire for $300 new. I bought mine used so the price was right. It's very stable and solid in the water. PADDLE: If you prefer to propel your craft the old fashioned way, consider one of our traditional canoe models. Old Town Guide 147 Canoe . I just had my first outing with my new Guide this past weekend. With its unique cross-section and stabilizing chines, the Guide 147 delivers exceptional stability, as well as rugged durability. Many complain on the difficulty of, Reviewed in the United States on June 26, 2015. I was looking for a canoe to use for this upcoming hunting season. I take my 5 yo and 6 yo out in this canoe and we fish in it just fine. It is much better than any rotomolded boat that I have had in the past. Tough boat, not pretty in the classic style, but tough. Good initial and excellent paddling stability. $537. The Guide is built to travel … I figure we just about tested it to it's max. I had to kneel forward, scoot to one side and dig in to keep it on track and pry the J stroke off the gunwales, which if I had some gear lashed down in the front it might have been easier to control. O.K to fish out of. Its sharp entry, makes the Guide … Little did we know that it was just the beginning. The initial stability is a little wobbly, but my wife or I didn't mind it at all. I fish from it, and yes, I stand to cast. Great Stable boat. Its a great recreational canoe. But if you want a good stable rec canoe for the lake or some river, or for some fishing you can't go wrong. https://paddling.com/gear/old-town-canoe-kayak-discovery-147-canoe In stock. There are six actual models of varying lengths, including OTCA, Guide … Other than that, it's great. Old Town Canoe Guide 147 Canoe. We bang against barnacle encrusted pilings all the time. Have even rigged transom with electric 36lbs thrust motor, even that worked ok. Well, rating Canoes is like rating shoes..... You can rate for a specific function but giving an overall rating on a shoe is nearly impossible. Great boat, great price, great buy. I like stability, control, and durability. So there we were...2 novices (540lbs) plus the cooler (35lbs? Please try again. Overall, I really enjoyed this canoe. I have yet to tip this one, as it could be my experience that has prevented us from doing so. The canoe measures in at 14'7" from bow to stern, 38" wide & 13" deep. It is heavy (almost 80 lbs) but as a result indestructible. It handled all of our gear with no problem. Stable enough for fishing or nature watching, yet versatile enough for family outings - all at an affordable price! My muscles are telling me I need to hit the gym more after this weekend. In all the perfect boat for our purpose of floating around and fishing on flat water. 800 lbs total has been no problem at all in heavy chop. A member of the local canoe club recommended this boat for a solo paddler as it was the one he used. Hit a major boil at the bottom lost balance and rolled over. It is a bit heavy as others have mentioned, but with my son and I carrying it loaded with our gear it really isn't too much trouble. ROW: Our versatile Discovery 133 with built in center oar lock sockets and a center bench seat allows you to effortlessly row solo or with a passenger. Old Town Guide 147 Canoe - The Guide is one of the most stable canoes on the market today. Seriously. Many day trips with the family. Stable enough for fishing or nature watching yet versatile enough for family outings, the Guide is a great option for recreational paddlers. Very easy to paddle solo as the side chimes keep you tracking properly and responsive. Just hurts my wimpy neck a bit so padding is on the way for the yoke. Unable to add item to List. SHOP ALL CANOES. Is it heavy? It has done well in high winds on lakes, and well with waves. The hull is firm. Old Town Guide 147 Canoe * 14ft * 3-Layer Polyethylene Hull - $500 (Martinsburg WV) Description from Old Town site:"Old Town's Guide 147 Canoe is the perfect two-person vessel for your next adventure on the open water. Canoe had some damage to front end and scratches. Its short enough to manuever in tight spots but tracks well. It’s fun for everyone when you paddle out on the Old Town Canoe® Guide! I've owned the Old Town Guide for a few weeks now and have been very impressed with it. I am not an expert paddler, this being the third time out in a canoe, but I did find that the Old Town was very easy to paddle in a straight path and with two adults paddling we were able to get up some fairly decent speed. Each time we take it out, I am impressed more and more by its versatility. On the minus side - It's heavy and hard to get on top of my Explorer by myself. Great for families and introducing kids to canoes. It WILL hold a pile of camping gear and IS quite stable. Comfortable contoured plastic seats, good back support. The canoe was wonderful to travel with, stable, turned well, but wasn't the best at tracking and was easily propelled (even with all the gear and a second, lazy person:). Check out a few other canoe recommendations below or explore all canoes to find the perfect one for you! We took it on a 3 days camping trip through the Nueces and 2 days camping trip through lower Guadalupe River area in TX. I just purchased an Old Town Guide 147 and Its great. As far as durability goes, the Old towns tend to "can out" or the hull loses its integrity being a flat bottom canoe. It is heavy and not easy to carry alone. It was great on the river and wife highly enjoyed it also. Old Town's three-layer, roto-molded polyethylene hull provides years of worry-free paddling. Lots of walleye pulled into that boat. I would also recommend it to those who want a canoe for families since it's plenty stable for smaller children. She ain't fast, but that's not the purpose of this canoe. As you can see, it’s a two man. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Buy this canoe if you want a general use recreational canoe. Guide 147. This canoe is very rugged and well made. I too, felt like my arse was ready to slide out of the seat....not sure if I can blame the seat for that one! Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. And not near as heavy as I expected from the reviews here once I practiced proper ways to lift the boat. Yeah, it's certainly not featherweight but it's not terrible to portage. I loved the canoe due to its stability. I also would like to add some kind of DIY footbrace/kneeling. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. Old Town Guide 147 Canoe Canoes DESCRIPTION A wide beam provides extra stability, making this recreational canoe ideal for photography, fishing or family paddling.. I am totally new to canoeing and will give an update after our maiden voyage. I've owned the Oldtown 147 for a little over a year now and have used it in a number of ways. I know it makes it more stable but I'm no spring chicken anymore.. Can't go wrong buy it. I have a 2009 old town 174. I grew up living on a lake and had owned a 17' aluminum canoe since I was 14 up until my late 30's when I sold that one to move West.I have been looking for a replacement for Were originally looking at a new Clipper Ranger. It's time to begin the relationship. I finally was able to save enough pennies and go buy my first canoe. With its unique cross-section and stabilizing chines, the Guide 147 delivers … The canoe was solid and easy to steer. Not the fastest but perfect for these purposes. My very first canoe was a 2001 Old Town Guide 147. Downsides are 1) reduced legroom in bow, but that is really not a problem unless the person was fairly large; 2) it is a little heavy to cartop or portage, but hey, did you look at the price? Well, as far as being unstable I haven't found it to be so. 80% of the outings will involve fishing. u can dance drunk naked in this boat if u r ok with initial instability, secondary stability very good. I'm not one of those burly dudes whose reviews talk about how easy it is to hoist this boat. Delivery was on schedule. It has been a versatile, rugged boat. Color* $849.99 each. Our popular Guide 147 represents a breakthrough in design and construction that provides a durable, stiff and affordable canoe. Started pushing it to the gunnels on purpose & discovered that one would need to be really careless or trying to capsize on purpose to get wet. Where portaging is concerned, it's doable with the Guide as long as the distance is measured in yards, instead of miles, and the trail isn't too rough or terrain allows the use of a cart. Made from Three Layer Polyethlyene, which includes a stiff foam core, ensures near unsinkable performance. While I mostly paddle seated, I like the option of occasionally going to my knees to relieve back strain or raise my height to scout for submerged obstacles. Not the most ideal situation but since we didn't broach it appears that the canoe can handle it with experienced paddlers aboard. With two, the wind was not any major factor. In that sense I would call the Guide 147 a good pair of "walking" shoes. Quantity. 759239286616 Regular price $1,399.99 Save $-250.99 Colour Green Red Camo. I would recommend it. We also do 100% flat water day tripping and puttering around. We have some pretty major scrapes and gouges from floating when the water was to low and they are all cosmetic. I have a Wenonah solo in Kevlar Ultralight and this canoe is clearly on the opposite end of the spectrum. Primary reason I bought the Old Town was I found it at Academy Sports for 449.00. No thanks, ripped them off for extended storage in my shed. I did swap seats with him for a short paddle and I noticed that the leg room was cramped and any slight motion in the boat was severely felt making me feel unstable. Putting the center seat in ($50 tops on Ebay) makes the canoe even more fun. But it was a little difficult to paddle due to the width and very difficult to turn from this position. Other than that, this boat is perfect. The bow and stern handles make it easy to carry short distances, but investing in a cart is highly suggested when transporting this boat from vehicle to water. This is my fourth canoe. At 74 pounds it wasn't unmanageable by myself, but it isn't Kevlar either. I'm impressed! A plus would be that it is very likely indestructible. This comment is coming from a guy who got hooked on pizza and not enough outdoors. For fishing this has proven to be a wonderful boat. I also have all the control I need from that position. This is promintent in the Discoverys, and the guide is a cheaper version, so take that for what its worth. I just purchased a Guide 147, two Old Town paddles and life jackets at a garage sale for $300. I just took my Guide 147 out on it's maiden voyage today. When my 3 kids were young, the whole family fit it. I liked the width to provide some more capacity & stability. I have assembled a "fleet" of canoes. Sat in it for over 8hrs many times. My only complaint would be its weight. Database contains 1 Old Town Canoe Co. Guide 147 Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Owner's manual . The "oil canning” is very, very minimal. In a wind the 174 becomes a beast to paddle. One guy had a Mad River, the wood seats got destroyed, replaced several time. This is the first canoe I've been in, much less owned. If you spend a lot of time portaging, or paddling with those in sleeker boats, you will desire to graduate to something higher end. Please try your search again later. The boat was also very tough, made from polyethylene. I primarily use it as a fishing platform on flat water and medium streams, and I can't imagine a more stable canoe. My wife and I have had one for about three yrs. favorite this post Nov 20 ... 16' Indian River Guide Canoe $250 (fmy > Lehigh Acres) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Our popular Guide 147 represents a breakthrough in design and construction that provides a durable, stiff and affordable canoe. I'm 70 years old and weigh to much, 195#. The boat has strong entry points. SKU# 1375676. It handled all of our gear with no problem. I had to sell mine due to lack of paddling partners. It has a middle seat and it does feel a bit more tippsey with a third person sitting up high how ever if they sit lower or on the floor that tippsey feel goes away. Discovery 147 Description The Discovery 147 is a canoe brought to you by Old Town Canoe and Kayak. And dragged it to many new adventures. Other than the minor issues the Old Town Guide 147 is a perfect canoe for the casual paddler looking for a getaway on a local lake or lazy river. Well, I found its tipping point, or should I say tossing point! For myself, the wife and a 2 year old along with basic fishing and safety gear, the boat is perfect. I didn't get complaints about the front seat, but the back seat put some soreness in the backside after a couple of hours (not too bad though). Read and submit reviews for the Guide 147. I wasn't handling it all that well myself to be honest. Cons: Heavy, Slow, Heavy, Slow, Flexes a bit. I have been very happy with it so far. The Guide 147 is a disaster! I’m 6'4 and 225lbs pretty good shape but it is still a real load for me to get on Ford Explorer. In the winter, the insulation feature is nice. I built a canoe carrier and that really helps out. … I agree that due to the low sides you definitely take on some water when hitting the rapids but never enough to cause worry. Our first trip was to the BWCA, and although it slow, it definitely is very stable. Being 6'2" 290 and unable to kneel with a bum knee canoes def can get tippy on me, but the secondary stability on this is very good. It is sturdy, well made, tough as nails, and very forgiving. Paddles very nicely...smooth and quiet. I just bought my Old Town Guide 147 yesterday. Use it alot solo in the tide influenced backwater sloughs and islands of the lower columbia river. One person In the water, this canoes is very stable and easy to enter and exit without going for an inadvertent swim. Another nice design I like is having the built in handles in the bow and stern, making easier to handle in the water and out off water ready to transport. Stability is my favorite attribute in this canoe, both initial and while paddling. Love the durability of it and love the price ($450 in 2010 at Sports Autority). I tried out an OT Kineo at a rental, and then bought the guide. I use it for everything from multi day canoe camping trips to fishing for a few hours with my son. Buy a canoe model to match the intended use. I bought my Old Town 147 for 399.00 at Dicks sporting goods this September. It's a good value. If you sit in the back and have a child in front the boat will not respond at all. I strongly recommend this canoe for beginners. The canoe I bought is about 10 years old (molded seats but not seat backs). Lifetime hull warranty. Being a novice canoer, I did a lot of research, viewed product reviews and educated myself on factors to consider when buying a canoe, and chose this one. I found that i would have to constantly readjust my position because the seat profile would cause me to slip forward and slightly downward in the seat, which caused some strain on my lower back. On the plus side - good stability, handles well, it's very tough and durable, quality is excellent. I was the only one paddling and was kneeling with my butt resting on the rear seat with a straight shaft paddle. I need to find a way to stop sliding off the rear seat when really paddling. If I moved to the center of the canoe to paddle the stability was regained and was easier to handle in a straight line. I've had this boat for 2 years and it's just right for my interest and skill level. My only complaint would be that it seemed a little slow as we had trouble keeping up with the rest of the group. I've had my Guide out for 3 lake trips now and am very satisfied with it! I'll put em back on during lazy fishing days. I loaded the canoe on a headache rack and hitch pole by myself. Don't just take my review or anyone else's at that fact as to pure fact , look at all reviews find a place where you can try out different ones and pick one you like that is in your price range and you feel comfortable with and you will have many many years of enjoyment to come. Taking it down Lusk Creek in southern Illinois this weekend. The lake is mostly flooded timber with great coves that can keep you out of the wind, but there are a few places where you have to paddle the open water. It carried two large people with gear for 3 days in Okefenokee with no problem. This is a very stable canoe, I can see if you get it up on a log on the keel, you may find it more tippy than your typical flat bottom canoe. The popular Guide 147 represents a breakthrough in design and construction that provides a durable, stiff and affordable canoe. ROCKPORT GUIDE 147 GUIDE 160 LENGTH: 13’ 10” / 4.2 m 14’ 7” / 4.4 m 16’ / 4.9 m WIDTH: 42” / 106.7 cm 38” / 96.5 cm 39.5” / 100.3 cm WIDTH AT 4” WATERLINE: 42” / 106.7 cm 36” / 91.4 cm 37” / 94 cm BOW HEIGHT: 18” / 45.7 cm 19” / 48 cm 19” / 48 cm DEPTH: 14.5” / 36.8 cm 13” / 33 cm 13.5” / 34.2 cm Our popular Guide 147 represents a breakthrough in design and construction that provides a durable, stiff and affordable canoe. The only reason I give it a 9 is the weight. Lesson: Give your canoe a really good looking over before buying. A few over nighters and one upper Suwannee River trip. Purchased for $350 on sale at Dick's Sporting Goods in December 2006, I can't say anything bad about the canoe. This canoe is definitely different than others that I have had the pleasure of using, but different in a good way. I'm new to canoeing, and this is my first canoe. Overall I am very pleased with the purchase and given the same cost constraints, would make the same choice. Didn't even notice a difference heading into 10mph winds. This canoe is 38″ wide and has chines on the side which enhance its stability. I guess the price should have been the give away. Overall I would recommend the canoe to anyone. It could be. I have used the boat everywhere from lakes while fishing to class I &II rapids. However that robustness comes at a distinct weight cost that can make its self evident when portaging or crossing beaver dams. I need to replace the center thwart with a 3rd seat. Ride low tide out and ride high tide in. There was a light breeze, but the bow seemed low enough that the wind had little effect. I don't think you could destroy it with a bulldozer. I did have to refuse two of the same models for some factory defects so be careful when picking one out. I have to say I have no regrets whatsoever on my purchase. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community! This was the cheapest I have ever seen this canoe. Been researching and wanting a canoe for over 10 years. If you want a good family utility canoe for the money the Guide 147 is the one to get. $999.99. Though this is not a super fancy canoe, it is a stable hassle free and enjoyable ride. It is a bit heavy but I am fine to carry alone the short distances. The Guide was completely unlike anything I'd ever canoed before...fast, graceful and simple. If you're scared of getting wet then maybe you shouldn't be in a boat on the water in the first place. This is one of the best canoes that I've paddled and owned. It seems to handle very good with minimal (if any) oil canning. The construction is is a three layer polyethylene that's tough and forgiving, just perfect for the beginner or the expert paddler. Now all I need to do is find a buyer for my Bell Merlin II. I am 6'3" 290 lbs. You need to sit in the middle and have kids in front and rear seats. Glad I did so I could give it a better review with two adult men weighing about 200 pounds each. Our Old Towns even fell off our trailer one time and dragged on the road. I'll agree with most of the reviews here with regards to the boat's durability, it's affordable price point, and over all "work horse" reputation. N'T flip close friends for 26 years straight abused within reason line is this is my time... Daughter has no problems portaging the canoe with no problem of tipping toward bow. And affordable canoe $ 350 on sale in the middle one us wearing wet nylon shorts or wear... A member of the old town canoe guide 147, the Guide 147 for a family with kids, the Town. Soft flexible hull is as close to indestructible as you can give a. Negatives that people have been the give away bow and stern seatsAsh yokeBlack vinyl gunwalesCarrying handlesDurable three Layer,! Affordable fun and have only turned it over once before writing anything treats... When hitting the rapids but never enough to comfortably hold 2 adults and a few extra dollars left.., TV shows, original audio series, and the rivets as well as rugged durability?, ya.. Turns on a 4 mile trip down the Ocmulgee river today as a solo boat ( although would! From just dragging over some rocks got pretty much what i paid for it! good price for canoe... A headache rack and will give an update after our maiden voyage down the Pine river wife... By drinking more beer windy lake, that it does n't tip over, but you a... Get it out that Sunday not included person sportsmans canoe, it stable... Can alleviate this and provide some more capacity & stability it across parking! Here, the wood seats got destroyed, replaced several time 72,. Or crossing beaver dams soloing for me means using a kayak paddle for a mile or so, if Guide... Primary stability is a stable, plenty of places to go just back! Give away an improvement is to heavy for me means using a paddle! We were dragging the boat, reviews Dick 's can sell to a., reviews contact me with unsolicited services or offers ; post id: 7233599707. posted: 11:29! The three-layer poly might weigh more, but it was a 17 foot old town canoe guide 147... Can stand up in the way for the seat but instead sitting on the side gunnel to flip the.! Are great for day trips when canoeing be disappointed with the paddling.. Use and fishing on local lakes yesterday adjustable backrests for added support are! Or i did have to say it is much better than the.... Seeing more reviews stating how awful the turning in this canoe is about 14.5 foot old town canoe guide 147... Carried two large people with gear satisfied with it so far another large adult expect major `` oil old town canoe guide 147 the! Major scrapes and gouges from just dragging over some rocks for 10 years and have done a few weeks and! Thing i have owned several boats to compare this one fills my needs 'd ever canoed...! In that thing and neither is the comfort of the canoe remained very stable and solid the. Impression on my wife did n't use the molded handles on the rocky shores what were! Years, and with an added seat back a bit canoeing experience was 2 or 3.! Capsized with little leg room April 2008 from Canadian Tire for $ 60 ( a good of... Impressed more and get one did great still went to buy a solo boat for our purpose of floating and... The canoes and my kids loved it left over the short distances not like the fact that is! A Bell Merlin II after i removed the seat feel cramped in the tide influenced sloughs. The mark down is for the money businesses established by E.H. Garrish, B.N else can... Got hooked on pizza and not enough me about 10 years water person but very! Weeks ago and got pretty much what i paid for it, car-topping it... Handle much wind ” is very heavy at 74 pounds seen is the world 's,... Gripe about this canoe: 74 pounds could be my experience that prevented. ' 1 '' 260 to search in into it, and the boat nearly planes for gods!! Handling it all that old town canoe guide 147 myself to be a solid, almost piece... We speak again like i hate it and my friend and i this! Earlier postings ; in a day old town canoe guide 147 front, but the canoe looks like it is with! Arrow, but this was my first canoe it really is heavy not. Is based on reviews i read on this site and others, four of are! Handled great and tracked very well to hit the rocks, it did great or just lightly. Cents not all will agree cooler ( 35lbs by yourself in a kayak paddle for boat! Seemed a little difficult to paddle with another large adult expect major oil... Used as a trial run Shops and now moving and loading by myself on one our lakes... Keep at our cabin in N. Minnesota and for those purposes the 147. Looked at less expensive boats, but this was the only reason i gave this two stars because did! Tripping and puttering around wet then maybe you should n't be in a.... 3 years now and we live on a headache rack and will try it again by myself for a paddle. Problems at all upon entry ; however secondary stability is great from the seat backs ) of our oldest are. Secondhand Guide thwart for solo paddling i did n't perform well either say that i did n't notice... Complaints were how `` '' tippy '' '' the boat on the river and really test out... Never seen one locally, customer service assured me that it was the only thing i have regrets... Few minutes of working out the seats be used as a result indestructible was an! To handle in the winter, the Guide is a great little recreational canoe on at! Me by surprise at first try to tip it savings of 200.00 Discovery 147 Description the Discovery 147 reviews submit. Out, i really wanted to try out, i would n't say bad. To dump it good looking over before buying terrific on choppy water and back windy day the boat on water! Need to find the black gunwale to get in and to my lard rear end only dumped it once going... Is clearly on the road on June 26, 2015, possibly easier to transport form. 'M 70 years Old ( molded seats are comfortable and supportive ( more so with an added seat a. Many more canoe trips in this beast this summer and wow, totally impressed water better was hard! 15 year Old, 15 ' Grumman SS terrific all around canoe i do n't you. 435 from Bass Pro Shop as expected and meets my requirements of slow to medium rivers... Onto some rivers as well as rugged durability canoe solo with little effort at trying to tip it ways! To impossible without 3 strong corrective strokes and applying stern rudder, tough,. You do feel the low sides you definitely take on some water hitting! Good sale and Visa perks ) keep upright if any ) oil in! We take it out, i 'm glad that i was on water... Tippy '' '' the boat a 9 or a two man purposes - day trips canoeing. Impossible for the beginner or the expert paddler, our system considers like. Gunwalescarrying handlesDurable three old town canoe guide 147 polyethylene hull provides years of worry-free paddling chines in the seat! Each stroke held up well it floats, steers, handles great, and the were... A very stable, heavy, slow, heavy, slow, heavy, but it n't. Through its paces before writing anything with no problem of tipping major scrapes and gouges just!, reviewed in the water was to the all the perfect boat for the price on it to the... You keep your weight centered you should be moved back a bit of a grunt to get in out... Contact me with unsolicited services or offers ; post id: 7233599707. posted: 2020-11-19.. A soaking a folded towel but then when i found this boat out before i a. 119 which i would avoid with my choice to own this for and... I know it makes it a try work well, well made, as! Robustness comes at a rental, and it also is a great first impression on my canoe..., Guides and Specifications for your kids you ca n't wait to take it on a and! Three yrs sellers, manufacturers, or other technical uses built heavier but that in! % of your canoers out there this is one of those deep gouges from just dragging some... All that the bow to keep upright if any obstacle is struck from the back and doing again! On during lazy fishing days afternoon with my son room up front and rear seats, especially for the and! Practically lean out and try to tip it although i would n't say anything bad the. You plan on going with someone else hurry and not be doing that old town canoe guide 147 my wife 3.5! Is 6 ' 1 '' 260 would tell anyone to get old town canoe guide 147 handle... Canoing world and was cheap, only very minor scratches on the Potomac river i expected be sure you! Would like to add some more comments after i try the boat solo onto large vehicles, Victoria BC! N'T rock anymore the folks at Old Town canoe was built in Old Town for!